Centr is an online platform created by famous Australian actor Chris Hemsworth which is specialized on various on-demand workout programs. You can train via an app for phones/tablets or via your desktop.

Centr has more than 1400+ workouts including HIIT, strength, Pilates, yoga, muscle-building and more, so you can easily get a workout plan for any target. Also there are a bunch of short-term training programs for a couple of weeks.

The service also has meal plans and healthy food recipes, which is another great option not only for people into fitness, but for anyone who cares about their health.


The prices aren’t too high, after 7-day trial you can buy one month of workouts for 29.99 bucks or pay for three months (59.99$) or one year (119.99$). The latest options is of course the most advantegous one.

Also you can find some useful articles on different themes at Centr Blog.

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