Conbody is quite unusual online fitness service, you can understand it after reading their history. Workouts at Conbody are based on method of training of the same name, which was created… in prison. Coss, the man behind Conbody, has trained during his inprisonment and lost 30 kilos/70 pounds in six months. After that Coss started to help other prisoners with workouts and later decided to start his own fitness studio for people from all over the world.

We must notice, that Conbody no only offers quality workouts for clients, but also helps ex-prisoners integrate back into the society and de-stigmatize their past. Conbody has worked with over 100 formerly incarcerated professionals with a 0% recidivism rate.

Design of Conbody website is quite neat, it’s easy to navigate on the site. I’ve found the opportunity to switch from dark mode to light mode quite funny. Don’t think that people use it often, but it’s a nice feature. IMO, the original dark mode fits better, as it represents kinda tough style of Conbody.

To start training you need to register, bind your card (you’ll get the free trial, so you can stop you subscription in 1 month without any loss) and then you can start your workout.

I was interested in checking on demand lessons, as most of the consumers are interested in them. So, what Conbody offers?

There are both men and women among the trainers, some workouts are held by Conbody founder Justin Coss himself. In aesthetic and attiduate I see some “tough guy” style, which is okay for me, but some may dislike it.

In videos trainers and students are filmed, so person trains under command of trainer and you need to do exactly the same. Honestly I prefer videos were we see trainer only, as trainer would do all the exercises without any failures… Anyway, the overall qualiy is quite good. Workouts look god, but sometimes it’s hard to understand what exactly you need to do and which muscles you need to use. Also the background misc (hip-hop instrumental tracks) are too loud sometimes.

I’ve slightly disliked the filter, you can search workouts by trainer or length, but no other options are available.

If you want you can also book a private session, join live stream training, learn more about biography of every trainer, visit gear store or just donut some money to Conbody.

If you don’t have a PC/laptop or just want to use Conbody not only at home, you may download an app for Android or iOs.

So, Conbody is cool and unusual online fitness service and I recommend you to try it!

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