Skillshare is a well known online platforms which can be interested not only for students but also for instructors. At Skillshare you can finde more than 35.000 provided by more than 5 million (!) instructors. Most of the courses are creative classes like graphic design, photography, animation and so on.

A cool feature of Skillshare is a community, students an give feedback to trainers, ask questions about eah other’s work and so one. So, socical part of Skillshare can take your creativity on the higher level. Not only instructors can post their assignments on the platform, but other students can engage with them by liking, providing feedback, and asking questions about each other’s work. Although, there is no certificates after finishing and there’s almost no quality control for teachers.

The only format available on Skillshare is video courses. A year of acces costs $159.

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