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A lot of fun in the cardio dance workouts, also you can learn how to become a trainer yourself

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305 Fitness is a workout service that offers live stream and on demand classes in dance fitness online. The service has also its own webshop, the programs for people who like to be trainers themselves and offers trainers to get a franchise.

Online fitness workout dance

Free trial here is quite short, only 3 days. As always you need to register and bind your card until you start to train.

If you want to subscribe, 305 fitness offers you different plans, like: $89/month (4 lessons), $249/month (unlimited membership), $159/month (10 lessons).

But here’s an important moment. I was really confused when I saw that on the site can also be found different prices for those plans. Don’t know why, probably it’s just outdated info.

Online fitness workout classes

Besides that, here are many different options:
• you can buy one class for 34 dollars, the abonnement will be active for a month
• 5 classes for 3 months cost 164 dollars.
• 10 days of unlimited classes cost 34 dollars

For new customers there are also the next options
• 10 classes for 299 dollars, abonnement is active for 4 months
• 20 classes for 569 долларов. abonnement is active for 12 months

If you like to study how to be a trainer you need to pay the next amount of money:
• 290 dollars if make the only payment
• 75 dollars every month for 4

The teaching also includes marketing support and 20 hours of lessons.

how costly is Online fitness workout

It’s quite easy to work with 305 fitness, registration is fast and without any additional tests/questions/whatever. If you have some troubles, you may read the FAQ. Also there are user picks of studios, not only the ones chosen by 305 fitness team.

Site works quite well and is packed with interesting info about the franchise and the team, contact links and FAQ..

Design is bright, the interface is clever, and the mobile version works well. Also there are many illustrations, but they don’t affect the navigation.

The lessons are on YouTube, so the site just gives you the information.

Also 305 fitness offers the courses for people who want to be trainers on that platform.

There’s not only a mobile version of 305 fitness website,I’ve tested the vеrsion for Android and it worked well.

Online fitness workout on demand

Honestly, nothing more to add here. 305 fitness is just an okayish and quite standard workout service for online training. Yeah, maybe there aren’t too many places where you can learn not only fitness but also dance, but otherwise there are more interesting alternatives to 305 fitness.

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