Functional app with on-demand workouts, suitable playlists. Challenges, habit building, sports magazine, member achievement feed

Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv Aaptiv

Aaptiv is a fitness online app, which offers on demand audio and video workouts. I’d like to start with the official website. The main page looks cool and modern, especially I liked the catchphrase “The New “You”, as many other people are using online workouts to change themselves.

The other cool features are playlists with different music for different training and the photos of other users, the last creates the feeling of community. If you decide to join, you’ll see the personal greeting, you know, like in a real fitness club, where the trainer meets you. The only thing you need to do is press a button.

After it you need to answer some questions (about your target, experience, music you like, favorite workouts and so on) and add your credit card. Then you’ll be informed about the price and a 7-day free trial.

After it the site asks you if you want to download an app. Because of it I’ve thought that you can’t use the site itself, and honestly you can’t actually use Aaptiv with your browser, as you can’t watch on-demand videos, for it you need the app, so it’s better to download it immediately.

Aaptiv workout plans online fitness app

You can also send an invoice to your friend’s e-mail.

Hooray, we’re finally ready to train.

There’s nothing redundant at the main page: types of trainings, trainers and bookmarks.

If you like to open the page of some type of training (like pilates), you’ll be redirected to the page with workouts (with info about trainer, level of difficulty, how long it is and even the style of music which plays in the background). Also if you need some extra gear it will be specified. Every workout can be added in your bookmarks.

The whole design is useful and simple, but some people may dislike this simplicity.

But then comes the main problem of browser version, if you open the workout you see that you can’t watch it on the site, only share or add to bookmark.

online fitness app aaptive healthy food and nutrition

So, that was the point when I actually installed an app.

You need to answer some questions too, some dub the questions from the web version, some are new. After that the app reminds you about stuff which is good for your health like drinking more water and eating healthy food.

You can also choose the workout which was recommended to you based on your answers from the test, but this part can be skipped.

You choose the program, then see the whole list of workouts and then can open any of them. Video looks like a cartoon, and you also can read the text about the groups of muscles which work now. I don’t like it, you just have no time to read while you train.

online fitess app video workout

You can choose the music from the other app  – an useful option, you can make the playlist on Spotify and then train with your favorite tracks. Of course there is also some standart music.

online fitness app music for fitness

You can also join the workout program to train at least 4 days in a week.

Some other cool features:
– a feed for subscribers, when people can share their achievements
– interesting challenges you can join
– you can get some bonuses if your friend will join through your advice (10$ for you and for him)
– in your profile you can specify your favorite types of workouts
– a big library of articles about nutrition

If you like to find some decet online fitness app, Aaptive may be a wise choice for you!

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