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alo moves fitness online on demand

Alo Moves offers on demand training in fitness, yoga and mindfluence.

Before you start to pay, you can use Alo Moves for free for two weeks, also you can easily get the discount code.

After the registration you need to fulfill a little test to help the algorithms choose the perfect lessons for you. This step can be skipped, but I don’t recommend it, as algorithms work quite good and may help you in the beginning, especially if you’ve never trained before. 

alo moves fitnss online trainers

The feature I really liked is an opportunity to get more information about every trainer and then choose the lessons with person you’ve liked. I must admit that Alo Moves works with really cool people, like Harley Pasternak, who works as personal trainer for celebrities or Adell Bridges, who has a degree in philosophy and uses all her knowledge for yoga lessons. There is even a person who has worked with Kanye West! All photographs of trainers are nice and stylish, also you can get the info about their education and career.

The lessons can be sorted by length, difficulty, intensity and trainer’s style of teaching. The last feature is cool, I like the strong and strict teachers, while many of my fellows are into motivating trainers. 

alo moves fitness online on demand lessons

The quality of videos is good, background music isn’t too loud, you can hear every word without rewinding. But I’d like to see more pauses after every exercise, for beginners it may be not very comfortable, as the exercises are often filmed one after one without time to understand what you need to do or change the position.

I also liked the design, I prefer minimalistic websites without any funny bright pop-ups or whatever, the simplicity is cool and the stylish simplicity is even cooler and Alo Moves is stylish.

I also like the official store with gear, cosmetics and sports suits..

Most of the users are from the USA, but Alo Moves also have fitness fans in India and Singapore. Of course you can use it from any location, as the English is simple and you can easily understand it even if you aren’t a native speaker.



Darius Sk

I’ve used it during the free trial, but cancelled after one week.

At first I liked it, but then I found that content isn’t really great (body focus not specified, too slow, ux/ui in the app are garbage and there’s no real need in this app.

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