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Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful Ballet Beautiful

Ballet Beautiful is an online studio. These are ballet training and are carried out in ballet leotards. The studio positions itself as a fitness studio for dancers. And apparently it is for ballet dancers or classical dance styles (konteporari). This is very important to consider, because in training you will sometimes have to stand like a ballerina and you need a good stretch even for a start.

This is an exclusively online studio that conducts 4 types of training: individual, group, private and recording.

The studio also has its own store with all the accessories – from special clothes for ballerinas to various necessary equipment for training ballet online. And my blog about ballet, training and challenges.

The pricing policy is average. The most inexpensive workouts are recorded workouts. They can be purchased without a subscription. That is, you can buy separately, but only for one viewing. Which in general does not seem very profitable. All videos are priced differently, with a minimum price of $9.99.

Followed by live group training. You can sign up for them. The schedule is on the group training page. And they pass every day at the same time.

ballet online workout live stream

Group classes cane be bought for such prices:
18$ – 1 lesson;
80$ – 5 lessons;
200$ – unlimited ammount of lessons in one month.

ballet online cost

Then comes the private lessons. Individual subscription includes:
Access to all records on the site;
1 online lesson per month;
2 exclusive tutorials per month;
training tasks.

You can purchase a subscription in 2 options:
39.99$ – for 1 month
$99.99 – for 3 months.

And the last level of training is private or VIP training. The most expensive and interesting format. These are classes with the best trainers and individual study of the client’s goals. These courses are billed per class hour.
1 hour – $180;
4 hours – 640$ ( 160$ / HR );
8 hours – 1200$ ( 150$ / HR );
16 hours – $2240 ($140 / HR).

After purchase, the user has 90 days to spend their training hours.

So, on the main page we have a figure of a portrait of a man. And clicking on it takes us to the account login or registration form.

And then the standard data entry form. The service asks for a first name, last name, email and password.

And after that we get into our account. This page has many different tabs. Including profile management, billing information, video library and training sections.


From this page, you can go to any other and get access to different lessons. But it is worth remembering that without membership in the club, nothing will work.

By the way, this is a very important point. The studio realizes the opportunity to buy a separate workout for 1 time. Group lessons that can be paid for one by one or for a month. And private VIP classes. But you can only access the video library with an individual subscription – also called a club membership.

In general, the site is beautiful. Made in such a classic ballet style. But still for the average user is specific. I would say that it is too busy. And the out-of-fashion combination of several different fonts in the photo pricks the eyes. We can say that the site is somewhat outdated. Although it all gives in fact high ballet. But it would be worth removing all ads.

But as for the personal account … Heavily overloaded and not optimized.

And, remember what the page of your personal account looks like with all the sections and workouts?

Quite overloaded, but acceptable. Do you know what will happen if you go from the main page to the group training page and want to sign up for them?

ballet online lesson

Apparently the site has either been redesigned and very badly, or is still being remade. But it doesn’t look very nice. Although the studio itself is quite good at training and ballet. It looks like we are seeing an older version of the site above. And it seems to me, or is it still much lighter and more pleasant than the new one?

The mobile version of the site is the same. Except that the picture of a beautiful girl is cut down. But this is not critical. The site still looks too busy.

Overall, the workout studio seems to be good. Only the question remains: why then so many ads? This clogging of the site with advertising of their own courses and subscriptions greatly spoils the impression. Remove ads and reorganize the structure.

This can be an eyesore for pedants like the reviewer, but overall, a studio with good reviews, reasonable price, and effective workouts. I think this remains the most important. If you looking for ballet classes online, Ballet Beautiful may be a good choice!

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