Barrecore Method is an efficient, safe and intelligent way of exercising your body

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Barrecore is an online barre workouts studio wich has also gyms for London residents. This is a barre studio that combines elements of yoga, pilates and ballet but is harder than spinning and bootcamp. These exercises allow, with the help of low-intensity movements, to increase intensity of muscle work. The essence of the work is to tense the muscles and bring them to fatigue and shaking. This method allows you to concentrate specifically on the muscles, so you don’t have to sweat in class.

The studio conducts online classes in the format on demand, live stream, private session.

The effectiveness of this method has been confirmed more than once. And more than once this studio was mentioned in many major publications. Among them are Forbes, Elle, Women’s Health, Vanity Fair, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Financial Times.

The studio also has accounts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. And there is an application.

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The studio has its own blog, where you can read about the studio itself and the events in it, about the barre, tips and various interviews. You can read what different magazines write about them.

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You can also buy gift cards, inventory with the name of the studio and many branded items. Including clothes and shoppers.

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for new users – 15 pounds sterling for live stream 3 lessons for two (valid 30 days from the date of purchase);
unlimited live classes – £20 per week or £80 per month (membership renews every week or every month until canceled by the client);
1 live stream lesson – £7.50;
5 live stream lessons – £37.50;
1 private live stream session (30 minutes) – £25;
5 private live stream lessons (30 minutes) – £225;
1 private live stream session (30 minutes) for two – £37.50.

This is about live barre classes. There is also health coaching. It includes online classes with a personal trainer, a coaching session. The trainer also provides reading materials and various tools. The session lasts 30 minutes. And sessions are held once a week.

And here’s what they cost:
1 month – £150;
3 months – £500;
6 months – £950;

But that’s not all. Additionally.
30 minute consultation for body work advice – £150.
Transformation. 3 months. A specialized testing plan to address specific health problems and develop an individual strategy. 1 session of 60 minutes + 2 sessions of 30 minutes. Cost £500.
Transformation. 6 months. The same as for 3 months. It is only indicated that there will be a deeper study of the problems. 1 session of 60 minutes + 5 sessions of 30 minutes. Cost £950.

All of these recommendations are based on functional medicine.

But we didn’t mention on demand. It has a separate membership for £25 a month. The site offers a free preview of the lessons. But there is no free version.
There are training programs designed for several weeks, and there are separate lessons.

This is quite an interesting online barre studio with a new approach to workouts. In addition to barre training, they collaborate with medical centers that provide diagnostics for clients and provide recommendations on programs. That is, in this studio, not only the goal of the client is taken into account, but also his state of health.

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