be.come project
Collection of home workouts for women. A mixture of pilates, dance and yoga. Tutorials for beginners

be.come project be.come project be.come project be.come project

be.come project online fitness

be.come project is a service for online training in fitness, yoga, pilates and dance. Be.come is targeted on women of different ages, who want to be in good physical shape.

The nice feature is a special program for pregnant women.

How be.come works? Well, every monday you’ll get the access to the new series of exercises (25 minutes), then you need to train the whole week. Every video is available for 14 days. Also you can get the feedback from the trainer while asking about the process of training.

To use be.come you need to pay 35 dollars at month, but there’s also 10 days trial. As always you need to leave the number of your card before starting the trial.
You can cancel your subscription no later than 24 hours before the next payment.

be.come project online fitness

The site works well, I don’t see any bugs here. The design is boring for me, I don’t like that there’s too many pastel colors. Also some buttons look awkward.

Also be.come has a store where you can buy gift cards, merch and the be.come mat for your training. Most of the customer reviews are quite positive.

be.come project online fitness

As for me, be.come project online fitness isn’t really interesting and I don’t see any reasons to stay here for a long time.


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