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tailored workots online at bowflex but gear for home gym

Looking for tailored workouts online? Well, you may pay your attention to Bowlfex. It’s not a simple on demand or live stream studio. Bowflex produces fitness machines for more than 35 years, so if you’re looking for some stuff for you home gym you can buy exercise bikes, treadmills, max trainers and different accessoires from them. For max trainers and SelectTechs you can also download a free app which will help you in your workouts. But as we’ve said before that’s only one part of Bowflex activities.

Of course the things we all are interested in are online classes. So, what Bowflex offers? Their digital fitness platform is called JRNY and consists of on demand classes and individualized adaptive workouts. It was developed for Bowlfex machines. So if you already own or plan to buy some Bowlfex gear you can check it for compability with JRBY digital fitness, as it may really improve your workouts, make them funnier and more interesting. For example you can download HD maps for your exercies bike, so you can not only cycle but also imagine that you’re on the other side of the globe. Nice!

tailored workouts online exercies bike

Every workout is individualized. The tailored workout programming will adapt to your style of training and set the parametrs for your online workouts. JRNY not only tracks your activity, offers you recommended lessons, gives you challenges and so on. It also has a library of  on-demand classes with different diffuculty length and style. The other cool features here are playlists with your favourite mixes and the ability to stream TV-series from Netflix and other platforms during the workout.

The prices starts from 19.99 dollars per month, you can also get a free trial. And seems like JRNY is a nice option if you’ve already bought yourself some machine from Bowlfex. But there are some problems and for me they are bound with the Android app. Of course some people just don’t need an opportunity to stream from Netflix in their fitness app, but I’m ok with it. Not a big deal. But the app is buggy, sometimes you can’t authorize as the other user, sometimes it doesn’t connect to your gear, sometimes it doesn’t updates. And yeah, keep in mind that the app doesn’t work with some of the Bowflex machines like Max Total, so yeah, it’s definetly not cool at all.


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