Unusual boxing trainings with its own philosophy.

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Boxx is an online and offline kickboxing studio. If you live in London, you can visit the studio and hit a punching bag. Or work out in the technique of shadow-boxing. But home workouts consist of strength exercises with and without different equipment, shadow-boxing and HIIT.

The studio works not only for strength training. The position of the studio is that boxing is not just about muscles and punches. That for boxing it is important to develop thinking, concentration and good control over your body and mind. That is why they have yoga. From a 7-minute morning workout to an hour of meditation.

Online Kickboxing for beginners

The cost of a monthly subscription to the online studio is 9.99 GBP. And there is a free trial period of 7 days.

The studio does not offer subscriptions for other terms. Can only be issued on a monthly basis.

To register in the online studio, you can go to the At Home section. Or you can click Explore on the main page. In any case, we get to the page below.

Online Kickboxing fitness

Further not a standard form of registration and input of payment data. Non-standard form because here you will be asked first about gender, age. And then about why you came and how you found out about the studio.

Online Kickboxing pricing

After filling out, we proceed to specifying the first and last names, as well as creating a password.

And go to the home page of the account. And on it there is nothing but beautiful photos and a slogan. And below there are links to download the application for iOS and Android.

But there is a My Library section. It is not difficult to find it, because there is nothing else here. The section presents training programs by goals.

Online Kickboxing on demand video workouts

Choose any section and be surprised. Some of them present a set of videos on the program. And some have their own subsections. And first we choose Studios. And there inside we choose equipment. And in technology, we choose the duration of training or a program.

In general, this is a special and interesting way to filter videos. True, the user will take a little more time to switch to a particular workout.

I immediately chose the video section to show the player. And inside the other sections, each has its own packaging.

Let’s move on to the video itself. The video page has a player, a description of the workout, and a trainer. And most importantly, there is a list of necessary equipment.

In general, this is an interesting service. If we talk separately about the site, it is beautiful, simple and understandable. But I would say that their sorting of training programs is quite difficult. If you start one class and train on it. Then later, in order to return to the program, you will need to remember all the way to it. Although maybe they did not just say that they develop thinking. And the essence of sorting is memory training. It is quite possible given this complexity.

But in general, the service is interesting. Especially their combination of yoga and kickboxing online. Plus a website and an app for both systems.


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