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Easy, funny and interesting fitness-flued yoga

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Bulldog Online is an online fitness-fueled yoga studio that brings yoga to a new light – the light of fun. This is what the creators say on the main page. They present yoga not as a difficult practice that requires maximum effort and time. But as simple and interesting exercises that can be used in everyday life. And the creators have achieved such a balance due to the symbiosis of yoga and fitness.

Classes are conducted in two formats: on demand and live stream.

bulldog online yoga

And, of course, as certified yoga teachers, the trainers of this studio are part of the Yoga Alliance.

And the studio supports the uniqueness of trainers and allows each teacher to lead classes in a comfortable style. The site notes that they can tell jokes or sing along to songs, and that some teachers are more relaxed and some more energetic.

This is the About section, it can be found in the foot of the site. And if you click Meet Our Yoga Instructors, you will go to the page with all the instructors of the studio and you can read about each one individually. What will help you choose your instructor.

On their blog, you can read about how yoga can help change different areas of life. In particular, exercises from yoga for warming up in case of pain in the neck and exercises for the office are indicated.

The studio also has pages on various social networks, including Facebook, where you can read more information about yoga and find like-minded people.

But in addition to the easy and simple approach, there are full-fledged workouts and programs. Which allows not only to warm up at work, but also to fully train and achieve results in relation to your body. And, of course, there are meditations to train the mind.

There are separate classes for beginners, teenagers and children. They are in a separate section.

This studio has been noted by some publications such as Goop, USA Today, Shape, Money, The Oprah Magazine, Allure and others.

The studio has a free trial period that lasts 30 days. After it, a month costs $12.99, and a year costs $125.

So, to register on the site, it is best to use the “Get started free” button. Because if you click “Sign In”, you will be taken to a page for entering a login and password, and there is no button for registering new users.

The registration form is simple. A free trial period is given immediately to everyone.

bulldog online yoga for beginners

After registering, we get to the class gallery. This page contains all the video lessons of the studio, but divided according to different criteria. To choose a lesson simply by yoga goal or style, it is better to go to the burger menu on the top right. This is how links to different areas of the studio are presented.

On demand workouts can be found in the gallery and menu. And live streams are indicated only in the personal account menu. They have their own point.

There is an interesting section at the top. It’s called At-Home Workout Plans. There is a selection of programs for home workouts. After answering a few questions, you will receive a pdf file with a monthly program with links to training videos.

bulldog online yoga classes

Go to the video of any lesson. The video immediately goes to full screen. And under it there is information about the coach and training. And the ability to comment on the video.

bulldog online yoga on demand

If you are tired of regular yoga or it just seems too boring for you, then Bulldog Online is for you. A simple and intense format that combines yoga and fitness will definitely not leave indifferent lovers of both directions.


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