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Wellness courses are needed by many people in the modern world, as sometimes the life of a working person can be full of stress and you may feel yourself tired every day. Caravan is one of the services which offers wellness courses online. They proclaim their mission as “All the best in fitness for everyone”, so inclusiveness is an important part of Caravan programs. Also Caravan was noted by such media as New York Times, Yahoo! Lifestyle, PureWow and others.

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You may try Caravan wellness courses for free, the trial lasts 7 days. The month of subscription costs $19.99 per month, the annual subscription costs $99.

Lessons are filmed from different angles and from different distance, so if you need to listen to the speech only, you’ll see the face of the trainer and if you need to repeat some exercises you will see your teacher in full growth. It’s  cool, as at some other services all classes are filmed from the big distance, so it’s hard to see small details.

Another feauture I’ve found cool is a lot of articles on the “science” bookmark at Caravan’s site. You can read very well-written articles on different topics like anounces of workouts, articles about directions of fitness and so on.

Caravan also offers special programs for employers, which want to improve the lives of their employees. It can be some program on stress solutions, lessons to improve the mental health or just at home fitness for your wokers. To explore more on this theme, you need to contact Caravan directly, they’ll answer and tell you about the prices for your particular company.

Service has also a big community of people in serach of inner peace.

For Android and iOs users Caravan offers a fitness app, which I’ve liked, it works well and without bugs.

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