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Catapult is an online writing school for everyone. Both already graduating writers and beginners can practice here. The creators of the school see their community as a community of independent authors. They help you learn how to write your own unique stories.

This school brought together several thousand different authors from all over the world. The books of the writers of this community have been awarded many different awards more than once. There are really a lot of them, so to get acquainted with the entire list, I recommend visiting the page about the school on its website.

On this platform, you can find courses for any genre and level. For the most part, they are held online, so anyone can join.

Here are collected courses from writers of different genres. You can practice not only writing books, but also poetry.

In addition to a large number of different paid courses, there is a section with free exercises from different authors. They are described in article format. That will allow you not only to learn some exercise to develop your writing skills, but also to get to know the author who came up with this exercise.

In the sections Magazine and Don’t Write Alone you can find a lot of different interesting information. There are various interviews, articles, student notes from platform courses and stories about the writing life.

In general, in addition to the courses on this site, you can find a huge amount of information about and for writers of all genres and formats.

And, of course, they have their own store with books from community authors.

This community, of course, has a Facebook group. There is also an account on Twitter, Instagram. But Facebook is more important. Because that’s where you can find writer friends. There are also announcements of events. Social media links are in the top right corner of the site.

And let’s move on to the courses themselves. To begin with, there are online and offline courses here. Offline courses are held at NYC, Berkley, Portland, NYU’s Lillian Vernon Creative Writer House and IMG Academy.

There are 4 learning formats:
video lessons;
receiving tasks, communication in a text chat;
individual training;
independent learning.

In the filters, you can also select the genre that will be taught and the duration of the course.

Separately, there is a tab with only online courses. Its presence is not entirely clear, because there are filters on the tab of all courses. But in general it is convenient. Exclusively online courses that will suit those who cannot join the above places.

There is a wide range of prices here. Since this is a community of independent authors, each author sets his own prices for his course. Often the price depends not only on the author’s assessment of his skills. And from the popularity of the author or the presence of any degree in literature. But the popularity of the author’s works decides everything.

And the most inexpensive course that I found costs $ 15. And this is an essay writing workshop that lasts one day.

The most expensive course I found was $1,500. And this is a training that lasts 4 months.

Everyone can definitely find training here in their price range and genre.

An important indication on the site is the presence of its own video chat and text chats in the system.

An interesting platform for all people interested in writing. There are a lot of courses for every taste. And the skills of the school, if I may say so, and the skills of teachers-writers have been confirmed by far more than one award.


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