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Centr is an online fitness classes service from Chris Hemsworth. Prices from $ 10 to $30 per month. After choosing a plan, you register an account, choose a goal to build muscle, lose weight, be in shape. Then you enter the card details. Then you choose the Beginner, Average, Advanced level, then you choose a meal plan from the usual, pescatarians, vegetarian and vegan, choose gender, measurement system (metric or imperial) and get into your personal account.
Centr fitness online classes
In the account at the top of the schedule of the week, the main space is occupied by the schedule of the day, in the form of workouts, meditations, meals and snacks. The workout page is a player with recorded exercises:
Fitness online for women centr classes
The item with meditation is an audio with comments, the item with food is a recipe. We’ll note the feature that you can click “add to purchases” and the basket will have a list of ingredients that you will need to buy in order to cook it.

You can surf separately in sections with food, training. Workouts are divided according to: the feature of the object, which part of the body works; by what equipment is required; by styles: 15, 20, 30 minutes, rocking for weight, rocking for strength, boxing, MMA, functional, plyometric (rapid contraction, stretching of muscles), HIIT (high-intensity interval training), HIRT (high-intensity training with weights), Low impact (when you use little and touch during training).

There are programs for weeks, there are tips, a blog and a community (a closed FB group for 53 thousand people).

Comments on: a lot of unnecessarily sophisticated exercises, rather for someone who understands the base and just needs a workout organizer-food with options to diversify it all.

Women are minimally represented. The feature with the addition of food immediately to the shopping list is a cool move to develop a custom for the client to use it, and then connect his delivery.

Probably because Chris is an Australian, the service is considered Australian, a quarter of users are from Australia, the main users are in English-speaking countries, and Poland is in 5th place. So, in my opinion Centr offers nice online fitness classes and you may check them!
Centr fitness classes USA online



Good app, I like how workouts go, the structure of every lesson is cool not only for beginners, but also for professionals.

Centr is available in English only, which may be a problem for some non-native speakers.

I’ve also disliked the recipes, for me it was too hard to find the ingridients in my town. But yeah, that’s just me, but pay attention to it.


Chris Hemsworth is a man, really love his workout program. In times of self-isolation Centr was really helpful, but even now I still use it on regular basis.

The app works super fine, the workouts are filmed really great, also you may find many advices, recipes and so on. Full support!


Amazing service

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