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Offline aggregator fitness, wellness and beauty services. You purchase credits that are valid in all services of the aggregator

Class Pass Class Pass Class Pass Class Pass Class Pass

Class Pass is a lil’ bit unusual service for online fitness in comparison with many others our team has reviewed. But in my opinion it can be a very interesting option for many sports lovers. So, ClassPass is an aggregator, where you can book the fitness (or whatever) studio for your training. Users can choose from the different types of sports (martial arts, yoga, fitness and so on), then book the studio near you and then train. You need to pay with credits.

Class Pass Fitness Online workout

Is ClassPass pricey? Well, you may pay 19 dollars a month or you may pay 199 dollars, with different plans you’ll get the different amount of credits, so it depends on your program of training.

Before you start to pay you may use ClassPass for free for a month. It’s enough time to decide, if you want to use it further or not. You’ll get 20 credits it’s enough to book 7 lessons. Also you’ll get the notification about the expiring trial in 2 days before the end of it.

Class Pass Fitness Online workouts book a gym near me

To start using Class Pass you need to register with your e-mail. If you’ve registered you can use the service and book classes, but if you also want to watch reviews, see the prices on the classes and so on you need to bind your phone number to your account, it makes the profile more protected..

Then you need to choose the studio you like to visit. Easy, right?

Class Pass Fitness Online studio fitness USA

Class Pass also has a very comfortable search for fitness classes, you can easily find online whatever you want. The filter also works well and is very specified, you can even specify that you need a parking lot near your fitness club or a shower room inside.

The main page of the site works well and fast, without any freezes or problems, The navigation is easy, the design is modern. The mobile version of the site works well too.

Ah, also. There’s no app, only a mobile version of the site. But it’s not a big problem, I think. For all who like to try offline fitness Class Pass is a good service.


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