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US-based network of studios, which combine yoga wih fitness

Core Power Core Power Core Power Core Power Core Power Core Power

Core Power Yoga is a network of yoga studios. There are 200 studios across the US with over 3,000 instructors. And the peculiarity of this studio is the combination of yoga with fitness. These are yoga poses with increased intensity for burning fat, this is the addition of fitness elements to classical yoga. These are basic yoga lessons for beginners and hard intensive workouts for those who have been in this business for a long time.

core power yoga workouts on demand

In the studio, in addition to yoga strength training and yoga for sculpting, you can also meditate. The studio itself describes its training format as a combination of yoga, strength training, warmth and awareness. And in general, this type of yoga is called Hot Yoga because of the high intensity.

They have their own blog on the site where they talk about yoga, health, lifestyle and mindset.

core power yoga online

And they have their own accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. You can find links to them in the foot of the site.
And there is also an application for training from anywhere on your phone. And in general, all the functionality of the site is available in it.

It also has its own store. And in addition to their own branded items, they support black-owned brands. And in addition to inventory, you can find clothes, hats and even jewelry there.

Supported brands are listed in a separate Brands We Love tab.

So, the studio conducts classes offline, live stream, on demand and private sessions. You can find your city on the studio website. There are 200 of them there.

There are 4 types of subscription in the studio.
All Access. The cost depends on the city in which you choose the studio. This type of membership gives access to all workouts: in the studio, live stream, on demand.
At Home. Access to all live stream and on demand workouts from home. It says it costs $49. But for new users $19.99.
Individual training in the studio. It also depends on the city where the studio is located. But you can buy 1 and packs of 5, 10 and 20 workouts.
Individual training live stream. 1:1 workouts with a trainer online. One class costs $18 and 5 classes $75.

The studio has a free period – it lasts two weeks.

To get into the online studio, you need to select the At Home subscription. There are also separate pages for other subscriptions, they are listed in the Membership section.

core power yoga prices

Next, complete the registration, which asks for a phone number. And then you get to your classes.

In general, Core Power yoga is pleasant and interesting. Suitable for everyone in general, because it combines yoga, fitness and your whole lifestyle. Convenient and pleasant interface.



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