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Cross Examine a Chief Cross Examine a Chief Cross Examine a Chief Cross Examine a Chief Cross Examine a Chief Cross Examine a Chief

Home Cooking New York is an online and offline cooking school. In the arsenal of this school there are many different dishes. And different classes.

This school has already been written about in several publications. And they even called their children’s culinary camp the best camp for children. Among the publications are The New York Times, New York, Today, thrillist, abc News, The Daily Meal and others.
The best way to show this school is its lessons. They have offline training in NYC. And in general, online and offline events are not much different. Except offline is more expensive.

So, a culinary camp for adults in a virtual format. This is a school that teaches the basics of cooking in 6 weeks. There are lessons on slicing techniques, cutting meat, a base on choosing products and much more. A more detailed program is available on the website. The lesson takes place once a week and lasts 3 hours. And every week it is also a new cuisine and a new dish.

The picture shows the price for offline classes. It is $650. But for online classes it’s $295. Lessons take place on Zoom.

Next we have virtual public lessons. These are cooking lessons. They last 90 minutes. And they are also on Zoom.

A visit to any one lesson costs $50.

More private online classes. For him, you can choose a dish from the list on the site. And contact the instructor by mail or phone, which are listed on the site.

A private session of 90 minutes costs $250. You can invite your friends, for each family you will need to pay $50 extra, but the maximum price is $650. A maximum of 15 families can attend.

Or you can immediately organize a corporate online event. Can be from several families up to about 35-40. There is a separate price for this on the site.

Also on the site there is a section with lists of products for each dish.

And there are separate classes for children. Both 90-minute classes and online and offline cooking camps. The camp for children lasts 4 days and children from 10 to 15 years old can participate in it. The camp costs $250 and is designed for 12 families. Additional families are charged $50 each.

An important point is that there are no online classes for children for 90 minutes. There is only one camp. Everything else is offline.

This interesting school will help you master the skills of cooking dishes from around the world. They have good reviews and a great selection of dishes to prepare. A culinary camp will help those new to cooking.

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