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Train every morning at the same time or dig through the collection of video workouts

Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365 Daily Burn 365

Daily Burn 365 is an online workout studio with many different fitness classes. But their highlight is the daily workouts at the same time in the live stream format. There are stretching programs, aerobics, dance programs, sculpting programs, mass building programs, etc. The studio is suitable for any gender and age, since here you can find a huge number of programs for different levels and goals.

It is very, very bad that the price for classes is clearly not shown anywhere. And you can find it by going to your account settings, and then you need to go to the subscription management page.

So here works a monthly subscription with a free period of 30 days. After that, 1 month costs $13.95, and a year costs $149.95.

Now let’s register. After clicking on the registration button, the site asks us to enter an e-mail and password.

Then services asks for your date of birth and weight.

And then offers to choose the direction that the user is most interested in. There are many directions. And after registration, of course, you can get access to any type of training.

After passing this stage, the site will ask you to enter your payment information. And then go to your personal account on the home page. On this page, workouts will already be selected, which are based on the user’s choice of training style.

Online fitness classes here take place in two formats: live stream and on demand. The first option is available for the 365 program. These are group workouts of participants from all over the world or only those who fit the time zone. Since this is one 30-minute lesson in the morning, which is led by different trainers of the studio.

This program is different in that it is suitable for all levels. Because trainers offer different modifications of exercises.

All workouts are already recorded and can be viewed at any time. In the left menu, you can see 365 on top. This is the same program with online training that takes place every day.

The recording is available within one day. And then it is removed.

In addition, there is a Workouts tab, which contains individual workouts. And you can choose the one you want by style, goal, coach, duration and level.

There are also separate training programs. They can no longer be sorted, but there are not so many of them here. You can figure it out yourself.

A big plus is a separate tab with audio for different workouts. And there is music for meditation.

And the Community tab, which takes you to the studio’s Facebook community page.

This is how the page of one video lesson looks like. The trainer, duration, level, number of calories, etc. are indicated. There are comments below the video. And when the user clicks on play, the video goes full screen.

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