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UK fitness with special cycling program

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Digme at Home is a British network of fitness studios and online lessons. And at its core, this is an American format studio that was moved to the UK. The studio implements yoga, stretching, breathing classes, conducts strength and cardio training. As well as cycling..

digme at home fitness online

Here you can find all sorts of workouts to your liking. And the studio can deliver everything you need for training to your home. They have a dedicated exercise bike section. But not on a regular exercise bike. This simulator can be connected to the studio application and track progress and watch workouts from your phone. The app is only available for iPhone.

The studio has its own blog where they talk about their coaches, events inside the studio, challenges and activities.

And there is a group on Facebook, an account on Twitter and on Instagram

digme fitness online free trial

For home workouts, the studio offers 2 formats:
on demand – £8 per month. It includes on-demand training + 1 live stream session. You must pay for one year at once.
live stream + on demand – £15 per month. Itincludes an unlimited number of live stream workouts and on demand, but only yoga and breathing exercises.
live stream – £25 per month. There are no restrictions at all. You must pay for one year at a time.

But there is still a free trial of 30 days. And the payment will be only upon its completion.

We press Start Trial and go to the page with a question, for the first time we are on the site or we already have an account.

digme fitness online videos

After that, there will be a registration form in which you will be asked to indicate your studio. There are only 4 options and the last one is Digme at Home – what we need to register and get a free trial.
A very important point: when registering, they send an email to activate the account. To activate, follow the link in the email. Otherwise, your account will not work.

The link in the email will take you to the account page. And there you need to fill in a lot of personal information.

Some of the information is not required. For example, the size of shoes and outerwear. Let me remind you that the studio also sells its branded items and equipment from the same site where the training takes place. And you will need this data only if you buy something from the studio website.

At the bottom is other personal information that is needed only for the community and the dashboard.

Here in the account you can choose your subscription. A free period is available for all subscriptions.

A very important point, watch carefully. Fixed price for 2nd subscription only. The remaining subscriptions are paid immediately for the year. But after the free period.

digme fitness online price

After subscribing, you can proceed to classes. To do this, click on My Account. There are different pages, you need to select Digme at Home.

After that, the site translates to a page with classes. This page is divided into 2 tabs: on demand and live classes. On demand, you can do it right away. And on the live classes tab, you can sign up for the next classes.

On the on demand tab, you can filter classes by training style, trainer, intensity, and duration.

Select any video and proceed to view it. The page with the video contains information about the training itself, duration, intensity, necessary equipment and trainer.

digme playlist for fitness online

In addition to training, you can find a dashboard on the site of Digme online fitness, classes that the user signed up for, and past classes.

This classic in many ways studio with many different directions will suit many athletes.


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