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Equinox+ Equinox+ Equinox+

Equinox+ is a training program that includes classes in rotation, mediation, strength training, boxing and recovery training. This service provides the ability to develop classes based on the user’s recovery rate and daily load. There is an opportunity to get unlimited access to an ever-growing library of immersive classes, including unsurpassed video and audio materials. The user can participate in immersive classes led by experienced instructors in several directions:

  1. Pure Yoga
  2. Precision run 
  3. Rumble
  4. Solid core 
  5. ТB12 (flexibility training) 
  6. Equinox
  7. Soulcycle
  8. Headstrong

In the app and on the website, it is possible to issue a free 7-day trial version of the subscription, after which you will need to issue a monthly subscription – $ 39.99.

In order to start exercising, you need to go to the official website or application on your mobile device and register a new account. Link a bank card and subscribe.

Then choose your preferred programs or workouts. Start training with video lessons, participate in online training

The main page loaded quickly, the site also functions quickly. Namely, from it you can go to sections of the site, there are only 3 of them.

• App: This tab is the main page. Here to provide brief information about the concept of training for a new user.
• Cycle: This tab provides information about SoulCycle. This is a signature indoor cycling activity that uses choreography on a stationary bike.
• Store: In addition to various types of training, the site also provides a “Shop” tab, which is a link to the sporting goods store, merchandise of this organization.

Dark colors were chosen for the design, despite the friendly interface, the information on the site is scarce. In order to understand what the site is intended for, I had to turn to additional information.

The service is definitely one of the best options for training. In addition to having unlimited access to an ever-growing library of immersive classes, including unparalleled video and audio content, the client can choose any program and start learning from anywhere in the world.

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