Fitbit Premium
An app for the owners of Fitbit smart watches which makes your trainings easier and has a library of lessons

Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium Fitbit Premium

Fitbit Premium is a fitness app with a Premium subscription that gives its users an incredible amount of functionality. This app is suitable for all ages and genders. It is universal. But the important thing is that without a Fitbit watch, it is useless.

And here are the features that subscription users get:
measurement of stress levels and assistance in its control;
health and exercise statistics;
sleep statistics and its quality;
trend in blood glucose levels;
health indicators for the last 90 days;
basic analytical information about a person;
fitness and wellness (health exercises and mindfulness and meditation practices).

Actually, Fitbit is a manufacturer of smart watches. But they went further and created a fitness app for their watch with many useful and interesting features and workouts. Based on this, it is most convenient to use the service through the phone.

By the way, training is not only for the body, but also for the mind. These are practices of mindfulness or meditation.

fitness app android

There are all two options for paying for access to the Premium subscription: for a month – $9.99, for a year – $79.99.

For this cost, the user gets access to all the previously described functions without restrictions.

When we go down the site, we can see the price plate and the Start free trial button there.

fitness app prices

Clicking on the button will take you to the registration form. And here you will need to fill in not only the last name, first name and date of birth, but also height and weight. And then it will be transferred to filling in other data and registration of a free period. The free period lasts 3 months.

It’s mostly a fitness tracker app. And it has many different fitness classes and features. And you can only use it on your phone. On your computer or laptop, the site is almost useless. On the site you can only buy a subscription, get acquainted with the company’s new products, and see the installation instructions.

There is also a dashboard where you can set your weight and exercise goals, see the number of calories burned, add friends and keep track of water.

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There is nothing else on the fitness site itself. You can also buy a subscription as a gift to someone. To do this, when making a purchase of a subscription, you need to check the box next to the inscription “This is a gift”.

Trainings within the application itself are recorded. That is, the user can enter this application at any time, open the catalog of all workouts, by muscle group or goal, and select the desired workout.

You can also set a goal on the dashboard, and then the application will issue training recommendations to achieve this goal. Inside the application there are programs not only for fitness, but also for improving sleep, nutrition, getting rid of the habit of eating sugar, etc.

A handy workout app with great features and a fairly long free period can be a great workout tool.


Jamie N.B.

I don’t like how the app works. Pop ups don’t work, synchronization is bad and I dislike the interface. Also sometimes the bracelet tracks some “steps” when I sleep or sit. Maybe the problem with the bracelet itself is mine only, but the app works really bad, so as for now can’t recommend FitBit.

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