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FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online FLY LDN Online

Fly LDN is an online barre, yoga, pilates and body sculpting studio based in London, UK. In general, they also have an offline studio, but there is no information about this on the site. However, Londoners will be able to find it with the help of maps.

Among the areas of training at the studio are flow, barre, low impact + HIIT (LIIT), pilates, sculpt. There is a separate section for pregnant women. There you can find exercises for pregnant women in all directions.

This studio is not only distinguished by first-class yoga classes in front of screens with nature views. But also with my LIIT workouts. This type of training is applied in the studio in all directions. And it differs from the usual HIIT in that the first is less traumatic. In LIIT, heavy weights are used, and as the workout progresses, these weights are replaced by progressively smaller ones. It’s also about low-intensity movements. But together with large weights, this gives a greater load and efficiency.

So, LIIT is an effective way to lose weight and sculpt the body, without injuries and unnecessary activities.

The studio itself on the site indicates quite a bit of information about itself and training. But this information is easy to find. Because the site has links to publications about the studio in Vogue, Forbes, GQ, Women’s Health, Glamour, Tatler. You just need to click on the logo of the publication you are interested in and you will be taken to the magazine page with an article about the studio.

The studio has its own merch store. And so far it consists only of a mat.

body sculpting uk buy sports gear mat

And you can buy gift cards. Subscription cards can be purchased. Or you can just a card for a certain amount.

Сlasses in the online studio come in 2 formats: on demand, live stream.
The studio offers 3 subscription options with access to all workouts:
£9.99 per month;
£26.99 for 3 months;
£99.99 per year.

Each subscription has a 7 day free period.

We proceed to registration. The site has several buttons: “Buy” at the top and subscriptions at the bottom.
Next, a form for creating an account opens.

After the registration, we get to the home page with the catalog.

This page lists all classes in all areas. They are divided into categories. But if you need to switch to classes in one direction, open the Browse menu.

There are sections in all directions and records of past live stream workouts separately.

On the LIVE CLASSES tab, you can see the schedule of the nearest live stream classes and sign up for any of them.

body sculpting uk live stream fitness

Let’s take a look at the video page. I have selected the Pilates section and the first workout that came across.

This video is from a Pilates program, so below it I have a button to go to the next class.

Also under the video there is a description of the training. But the parts of the body on which the main load goes are indicated in advance in the title of the lesson.
At the bottom, there is an additional opportunity to add a lesson to your favorites, mark it as passed, share and watch the trailer.

And the coach is listed. You can also view the profile of the coach.

body sculpting uk on demand sculpt classess

Let’s take a look at the coach page. There is information about the qualifications of the teacher. A little different information about her and her Instagram is listed there. For security reasons, it is not included in the screenshot.

body sculpting uk best trainers fitness

Their website is nice and easy to use. Apart from training and the opportunity to buy a card or a yoga mat, there is nothing else here. But what else is needed? And yeah, seems like UK has a load of nice fitness studios, so if you’re looking for body sculpting you need to checl Fly LDN!






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