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Private coaching with professional trainers, change your habits in 90 days!

Forge Fitness Forge Fitness Forge Fitness Forge Fitness Forge Fitness Forge Fitness

Forge Fitness is an online personal training studio. The training program here includes:
personal communication with a personal trainer via chat and Zoom;
individual training program;
selection of nutrition from a nutritionist;
cardio programming;
support in the development of personal physical qualities.

This is just about training. And separately there is also a program designed for 90 days. Program for recovery and work with your habits. It is conducted by the founder of the studio, Michael S. Parker.

The studio has its own application where clients communicate with their trainers, track their habits and workouts, and view workouts.

forge fitness online app

There are no free periods here, as this is an individual work with a personal trainer.

There are three types of monthly subscription plans:
Standard – 125$;
Full – 175$;
Premium – 225$.

forge fitness online coaching

The plans differ in that in the Standard the client calls up a personal trainer once a month. This call is a cross between a coaching session and a workout.

With the Full plan – two calls. With premium – weekly sessions and workouts.

Separately, there is a program called “90 Day Habit Transformation”. This is a personal work with the founder of this studio, Michael S. Parker. He is an experienced and renowned fitness and habit coach.

forge fitness online healthy life

It includes::
weekly sessions with a trainer;
individual training plan;
personal communication without restrictions in the application chat;
individual selection of food;
work with habits and personal recommendations.
The cost of such a program is 1,200$.

The site has a “Books” section, which presents the book of the founder of the studio on working with habits. And a separate section with a book with short stories about fitness.

forge fitness online book nutrition

There’s also a blog about fitness, sports, habits and self-development.

This type of training is perfect for those who like a personal approach to training. It will also appeal to those who have long wanted to change something in their habits, but have not been able to do it themselves. At Forge Fitness online you can get personal support from trainers and recommendations.





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