Tired of human trainers? Get the app where AI will train you!

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Freeletics – AI-guided workouts? Oh yeah! The site will not help you much. But here is the app. The main focus of this studio for training is on the application. Here you can specify your goal, enter parameters, add workouts to your schedule, and the AI ​​will select a training program from 350 exercises. And for a more accurate selection of workouts, he will ask about his well-being after each workout.

This studio has a Facebook group, a YouTube channel, and accounts on Instagram and Twitter.

And you can also communicate with participants inside the application. And find app ambassadors in it or in communities. There are a lot of them in different countries. You can chat with them and follow them on social networks.

In addition to training, this application will also help you choose nutrition, find motivation for healthy eating and give recommendations. The application itself has the necessary recipes.

Next we have a sports and nutrition blog where you can read articles and news from the fitness world. And also there are stories from different athletes and app ambassadors, scientific articles.

And the last is a store with clothes, accessories and the necessary equipment for training.

The app subscription is incredibly cheap. Not because of bad quality. And because AI algorithms do all the work for people here. So, there is a subscription to training and training + nutrition.

3 months – 15.90$;
6 months – 24.90$
12 months – 32$.
3 months – 23.80$;
6 months – 37.50$
12 months – 51$.
And there is a 14 day money back guarantee.

This application is suitable for everyone. Particularly for people interested in AI. These are the same full-fledged workouts as with a trainer. Only your coach is always with you.



Karen B. D.

I’ve always liked to catch all the interesting trends in fitness, so when I saw the rise of AI-powered home training, I was all like “wow! cool!”

So, I love how Freeletic do its job. Exercises are build quite correct, the app analyzes your activities and gives recommendations.

I’ve slightly disliked that there aren’t many variations of workouts (I doubt that you can gain weight with Freeletics) and probably people who are in fitness for a long time will find it boring.

But I hope that it will be fixed in the future, so I give Freeletics 4 stars!

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