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Future specializes in the premium segment of online workout: one-on-one online personal training.

The site is stylish and modern, but because of the video in the background, it sometimes works with slight lags.

Before starting classes, you need to go through a detailed test that will help you choose a coach, you can choose your gender, age, how much time per week you usually train, express your wishes, indicate where you train (at home, in the gym, etc. ), talk about goals and motivation. Then there are questions about the wishes to the coach: gender, training methodology, intensity. Perhaps, from the services with which I worked, this is the most detailed test for beginners, even little things are important for Future. The test is mixed with motivational pictures , which leaves the impression of Future as a very friendly service to all users, no matter who they are.

future online workout on demand lessons

After passing the test, we will be shown suitable trainers .

future online workout for women

Due to the heavy workload, it is impossible to start classes immediately, you need to wait for some time.

The obvious disadvantage is the ability to pay for not a whole month, but at least one lesson of online workout. Also, the price for a regular month ($149) may seem too high for some users.

Also, the lack of an application (and, therefore, the ability to train) for Android users can be attributed to the disadvantages. Unfortunately, FutureĀ  is only available on iOs, which, together with a rather high price, cuts off part of the audience.

The application is easy to learn, many clients are happy that during a time when the halls are often closed, it is possible to recreate a session with a trainer at home. You can see that Future users are very happy with their coaches and workout, reading about other people’s experiences online, we noticed that people study for a long time and talk about the fact that close contact and full mutual understanding are established with coaches.

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