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Gaga Gaga Gaga Gaga Gaga Gaga Gaga

Gaga is a completely different studio which offers dance fitness online. There is no fitness, no yoga, nothing standard. This is the knowledge of oneself, one’s body through the language of dance, the language of movements. The main focus here is on your feelings. It is proposed to develop your body, flexibility, agility, strength through dance.

They offer lessons for both professional dancers and those with no prior experience in dancing.

Gaga was founded by Ohad Naharin as a dance group to explore the self and the body through dance. The studio is located in Tel Aviv. Classes are held in the city itself offline and in live stream format around the world.

In the process of classes, the teacher of this technique gives instructions to all students. Each instruction must be followed throughout the session. Thus, the instructions do not go sequentially, but are layered one on top of the other.

Comfortable clothes are used for dancing. And you need to dance in socks or barefoot. The site has instructions for classes that encourage you to listen to your body and follow the instructions in a comfortable state.

Dance Online Gaga movement language

Every day there is one online lesson at one time in the live stream format. You can sign up for classes directly from the website. On the main page, or on the page dedicated to online classes.

However, classes for professional dancers and those who do not have dance experience are held separately. There are also separate activities for children. And teachers are being trained in this technique.

The studio has its own Facebook and Instagram accounts. There you can get to know the studio better and make new friends.

Dance Online Gaga fitness classes

The studio offers several subscription options at once:
Introductory offer – 2 weeks unlimited: $18;
Gaga Online membership – unlimited per month: $58;
1 month unlimited: $68;
1 month unlimited + sponsorship: $108;
3 months unlimited: $178;
3 months unlimited + 1 sponsorship: $218;
Card for 10 classes: $78;
Entrance: 9$.

The studio helps some of its students and gives them a monthly subscription instead of $68 – $30. Scholarship applications are accepted online.

And the sponsorship indicated in the cost is just a scholarship. That is, the studio offers its clients, if they want it, to help other students pay for attending classes.

You can also sign up for a class here.

Dance Online Gaga live stream

The studio holds various events in addition to standard classes. You can see them in the Activities section and sign up for them or join.
Workshops for dancers and just students are also held separately.
On the site itself, you can read a more detailed history of the emergence of such an idea. And studio news.
And the studio itself is suitable for those who are looking for new sensations and impressions. This format is unusual and interesting, so check Gaga if you’re interested in online dance.



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