You can not only train yoga online, but also watch unique documentaries on different topics from aliens to after-life

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Gaia is not just a class site, it’s a whole portal of online yoga. In addition to yoga classes and meditations, of which there are many in a variety of areas. This site gives access to various documentaries, shows and workshops. They release these shows and films themselves. And they concern not only yoga, but also a huge variety of different topics. From the medicine of the ancient East to aliens and the mysteries of the universe. Here you can find both documentaries and educational films on yoga.

The portal maintains its own blog and publishes articles on various topics.

On this site you can access past workshops and events. Also sign up to watch future events. All of them are online.
Among the workouts here:
eastern arts.

Training is held in the on demand format.

The portal has its own applications for many devices. And there are accounts and communities in social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest.

They also have their own store with their own merch.

gaia online yoga reviews

Gaia offers a free period of 1 week of online yoga. And then you can subscribe to:
month – $11.99;
year – $99;
Events+ for a year – $299.

Events+ gives you access to health guides, a journal, live streaming of all events, the ability to connect with other members and take surveys, access to a library of all past events.

A regular yearly subscription gives you access to the magazine and health advice.

The ability to watch documentaries and yoga and meditation classes is included with all subscriptions.

There is also a free newsletter with various informational materials.

To register, you first need to select your plan.

gaia online yoga prices

After that, you need to specify your first and last name and payment information for registration.

After that, a page will appear that will inform you about the successful creation of an account.

And an interest survey not to be missed.

gaia online yoga classes

And here we are finally at the home page of the account. This page immediately presents a gallery of workouts.

Above in the header there are many sections. But they are just galleries with videos and movies. Therefore, we will not dwell on them in the review. There you can find different videos and films, so it’s better to look for yourself.

I note that there is a tab with events. But according to my subscription, I don’t have access to them.

But you can also look at the articles and the blog.

And we will move on to the training itself. I chose the one that the site recommended to me first. And here the description of the workout is available when you hover over it or just below. And when we turn on the workout, we see only its duration and name. We can also add it to the playlist and see the comments.

gaia online yoga on demand

Their website is very user-friendly and enjoyable. Here you can train. but in general it seems that yoga and sports are more by-products. The main purpose of the site is info products. And if you have interests in all this, this site is perfect.





When I’m searching for yoga classes, I’d like to learn more about the yoga itself, but Gaia offers some weird shit like some pseudo pop-psychological or new age movies which I see uninteresting and even dangerous for some people. Of course you can just train here, but those documentaries have made a really bad impact on me.

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