More than 4000 fitness and yoga lessons for women, one of the largest libraries we've seen

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Glo is an online studio specialized in yoga, meditation, pilates and fitness classes. The target auditory is definitely women. The subscription gives you access to more than 4000 on demand lessons and to live-streams.

Online meditation classes

You will get one week of free trial, after that you can buy a monthly subscription for $24 or an annual one for $254.

To register, click on the “Free trial” button. It will redirect you to a page where you need to answer 3 questions. This is necessary to personalize the selection of workouts for you. This step can also be skipped, but I recommend answering, as it helps you after the registration.

Online meditation classes on demand yoga and fitness

First we need to choose on which aspects we’d like to focus.

Then choose the style of teaching.

Online meditation classes best trainers

And finally we need to indicate how many yoga, fitness or meditation online classes have we already completed in one direction or another.

After that we can finish the registration.

Online meditation classes for women fitness

Ah, we also need to bind the card and choose the subscription plan.

And then we can finally browse the catalog of workouts. I won’t list them all here, as there are a lot of lessons in different directions. Also the workouts recommended to you (remember, answering the questions before the registration? It’s a result) will be collected in a special folder.

Online meditation classes live streams

There is also a section with online training. They can be selected by date and time, and by direction.

The lessons can be filtered, the search worlds quite well.

In the section called “Library” you can find all lessons you’ve completed, programs, your favorite teachers and playlists with lessons you’ve liked. Also you can see the history of your training.

So let’s see how the lesson itself looks. At the top you can see the name of the lesson and a photo with the name of the teacher who conducts it. You can also invite your friends and take the class together.

At the bottom, under the video, it arendicated what level of difficulty it has, the intensity of the class, the length and the style of training;

The player is very simple. You can control quality and volume only.

An important point: the lesson goes without music. The teacher accompanies the actions with his explanations. I feel really bad when the music in lessons is missing.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you need to open the settings of your account. When you click on the circle with the user’s initials, a small menu appears. And there are account settings. Here you can delete your account and then the subscription will be canceled.

One more point, probably only related to my computer, but the site freezes a bit. It’s definitely not the state of my network. But I can’t say what it is. It’s not critical, but be prepared.

Well, what can I say about Glo? It’s incredibly pleasant and stylish. For all yoga, pilates and fitness lovers, this is the perfect option. It costs slightly above average, but the design and the number of lessons justify everything. Plus, it’s one of the easiest and most user-friendly sites out there. They also have their own app.





One of the best yoga apps I’ve used, great teachers, a lot of cool classes, everything is top notch, but there’s one major problem.

An app.

It crashes all the time, the interface is messy, a lot of bugs and problems.

So 5 stars for the service and 1 stars for the app, I really hope the developers will improve all the errors.


I think that it’s a good app, but nothing special about it, just good yoga lessons. The app works really bad, so you may find much better solutions if you’re looking for online yoga.


Great service with great content, especially the teachers, they all are fantastic! I’m using it on my desktop and everything works fine, although I’ve heard that Android users have some problems.

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