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About GymBalance

GymBalance offers a big variety of lessons for different ages, the service specializes on online workouts for adults and kids. Lessons are available in Russian and English.

Online classes for kids and adults are being streamed live via Zoom. The student is engaged one-on-one with a coach, the broadcast schedule is approved before buying lessons. You can invite friends to your private online class for additional fee.

The standard length of class is 55 minutes, but you can ask for 30 minutes or 85 minutes classes too.

For every student our trainers prepare the unique program, based on student’s experience, health condition, targets and age.

Every student also has individual schedule, which sets according to their wishes.

From which direction I can choose?

GymBalance works in next directions:
• Gymnastics;
• Acrobatics;
• Yoga;
• Stretching;
• Choreography.
• Acting;
• Singing;
• Fitness;
• Work with posture and hallux valgus.


1 one private lesson – prices start from 12 dollars and depend on trainer and direction;
8 private lessons – 85 dollars or more.

If you want to train with a friend,  add 6 dollars for every lesson.

Free lesson available upon request.

Private lessons in any direction are available in English and in Russian.

Video examples of lessons

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