Healing of the mind, body and soul as a part of your lifestyle

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HealHaus is an online and offline yoga school based in Brooklyn. The main direction in the studio is yoga classes. But it’s not just classes. The studio calls itself a space for healing. And this yoga is aimed at improving the body and mind.

On the web, this is an online yoga school. And in Brooklyn, it’s a cafe and healing space. In addition to the halls for group classes, there are rooms for private practice.

yoga online school studio

In the studio you can find various classes and seminars on yoga, meditation, sound healing and others. Classes are held in the live stream format.

yoga online school session

In addition, there are private online consultations, which offer:
meditation 1:1 with a practitioner;
energy healing at a distance;
holistic medicine;
lunar oracle;
tarot + astrology readings;
and other healing methods.

The price of each lesson is individual. And it depends not only on the method of healing, but also on the practitioner who will conduct it. To clarify the price, you need to go to the desired section. After choosing a narrower direction, a list of practitioners who carry out healing will be released.
Each practice has its own price and its own duration of the session.

yoga online school meditation

And if you are interested in publications that wrote about the studio, then it is better for you to visit the site yourself. Because there are already a lot of them. Here’s a screenshot of the part.

The studio offers a $30 monthly subscription with access to all online classes and seminars. Or you can purchase just 1 yoga or meditation session for $10.

You can purchase a gift card for any amount.

yoga online school prices

The site of the studio is quite interesting and simple. Everything is done in pastel colors and with an interesting design. This studio is suitable for those who are not just interested in yoga. A wants to immerse himself in the world of healing and deep practices.



The best mind healing studio I’ve ever visitied. I started with online sessions, have tried in studio lessons too. Everything is super fine, lovely and comfortable, I L O V E Heal Haus.

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