The most effective elements of Pilates, the wisdom of Yoga and joy of free movement for your workout

Heartcore Heartcore Heartcore Heartcore Heartcore

Heartcore is a training program that includes elements of Pilates, yoga and stretching. The classes are for meditation. This type of training is used not only to improve physical fitness, but also for psychological changes.

There are several types of lessons:

The site provides 2 types of training sessions:
• Online ( you can go to the broadcast and practice with a coach or training on demand )
• In a studio

In the application and on the site there is an opportunity to issue a free 7-day trial version of the subscription, after which there will be 4 options for subscribing:
• £65 a month
• £175.5 for 3 months (£58.5 per month)
• £331.50 for 6 months (£55.25 per month)
• £624 per year (£52 per month)

In addition, the user is provided with other types of tariffs too:
• £25 a week (library provided)
• £12  a week (one class)
• £30 – 2 weeks (3 classes)
• £45 – 3 weeks (grade 5)

Go to the official website or to the application on your mobile device and register a new account.

Link a bank card and subscribe / or you can register through the application

It is necessary to choose a hall from the provided variations (Chelsea, Bayswater, Fuiham, etc.)

After the user makes a choice of location, it will be necessary to book the class (classes depending on the subscription) that the user is interested in. Some classes have a limited number of participants.

Trainings are held in the form of a broadcast with trainers, but you can also train individually with trainersThe main page loaded quickly, from it you can go to any section of the site, since all the necessary information, namely, the tabs “Our method”, “Online”, “In the studio”, “Individual training”, “Rest” are presented on the main page site.

In the “our method” tab, provide information about the types of training.

The “online” tab provides information about online training (types of payment, how the training goes)

The “studio” tab provides information about the location of the halls and booking classes

The “Rest” tab provides information about a trip to Saint-Tropez, where you can relax for 5 days (from March 30 to April 3)

Pastel colors were chosen for the website design. The site is easy to use, the information is quite systematized. The video on the main page may not distract from reading important information.

The site does not provide a link to the application, in the app store there are several applications with similar names, it is difficult to find.

The design of the application is made in a modern style, the site is simple and easy to use, but there are not enough colors, it is difficult to call the site interface friendly. There are 4 tabs in total:
• Main tab, with custom training armors
• Tab for booking your preferred workout
• Shopping tab, where you can purchase a course, sign up for classes and organize personal training
• Profile with personal information about the client, schedule, passes and wallet

I can call the service suitable for different people with different goals and expected results, since on this service you can find any necessary training.

The mobile application loads quickly, nothing crashes or freezes.

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