Online fitness studio of one trainer, at the same time she is a sports music DJ. Zoom workouts, live replays

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HOUSEWORK – is an online fitness studio for women which was created by one person. She’s also the only trainer. Her name is Sydney Miller, you can learn more about her biography on the site.

Every day you can train at least on one live stream, sometimes there are 2 of them (for example one standard and one for the beginners). There is also an archive of lessons.

Fitness for women online Sydney Miller

What about the prices? Well, the easiest option is the unlimited access for 280$.

VIP pack costs 200$ and includes 10 live sessions, 2 recordings available for 48 hours, one VIP session for 1 hour and the access to the chat.

If you’re a beginner you may buy the program for 60$ which includes 3 live sessions and one lesson as a gift.

You can also buy the package for 5 lessons and choose the classes from the schedule.It would costs 95 dollars and as one lesson costs 20$ it’s cheaper to buy a couple of classes together.

Also reminder: you can’t cancel any of your purchases. If you’ve subscribed, your subscription will be continued automatically, so pay attention to it.
So, let’s start training!

On the main page you can find the schedule and the standard form for registration.

Fitness for women online platform

After the registration you can forget about the site for some time, as all the lessons are in Zoom, so you will just get the link on your email.

If you’re a resident of Miami, you can also visit the offline classes. You can book it on Housework’s site. If you’ve liked the service you can also visit the merch store.

Fitness for women online live stream classes

As I’ve said there are recordings of the sessions, so if you’ve missed some class you can buy the access to the recording for 2 days. It costs 10 more than the live stream itself, but if you really (REALLY) need this class, you can pay that price…

Also on the site you can learn more about Sydnie Miller herself and browse through her playlists for sports on the page DJSYDMILLER.

The site looks modern, everything works fine. Mobile version works good too, but has some problems with graphic elements. For women in search of online fitness platform Housework is a nice option.

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