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iFit main specialisation are on demand fitness workouts. The users have 3 ways of using the service. You can use iFit’s equipment, you can use your own gear or you can train with the app only.

As I’ve said before, iFit makes their own equipment, at the site you can see that they have treadmills, exercise bikes, ellipticals, fitness mirrors, rowers and gear for traditional weight lifting. Every machine has a screen which shows you video and infromation about how you train. At the site you can see where you can get your gear. Unforunately some links are broken.

on dmenad fitness workouts equipment

If you already own a machine you can connect iFit app to it. Or train without any gear, as the library of on demand workoust is really big and has lots of workouts. The coolest thing is that you can use iFit app not only at your smartphone or tablet, but also at Smart TV.

So, if you like to start training, you can easily get a 30-day free trial. After it ends you need to pay 15 dollars per month, which is more or less regular prices for acces to on demand videos. You can register or sign up with your account at Google, Planet Fitness, Apple or Facebook.

on demand fitness workouts registration

Then you need to fulfill the information about yourself, choose your subscription plan and bind your card. The money wouldn’t be taken until the end of free tiral.

The iFit library has thousands of classes in different directions. There are many interesting options, for example if you use an exercise bike, you can “drive” through locations from Google Maps. You can also visit live streams. Also, pay attention that besides cycling, fitness and running you may watch some cooking classes.

As for the app, iOs version works fine but there are many reports on bugs and errors in Android version. Some people say that after the connection it can “kill” your training machine, sometimes it’s impossible to connect at all; sometimes your phone disconnects all the time. After the disconnect workout ends and as there’s no skip or fast forward function so you need to watch it from beginning.  And yeah, trainers themselves are good, you get some proper on demand fitness workouts. But when you pay 15 bucks every month you want to see an online fitness app which works without problems and unfortunately Android version of iFit workouts is disgusting. Version for iOs is better tho.

Also, the thing I like is that iFit posts quite active at social networks. In their Instagram you may find advices for your practices, posts about trainers, news of iFit and so on.

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