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Jet Sweat is not a studio, but a place where many other studios are collected, it offers boutique fitness classes. If you’re a subscriber, you can visit online classes on many other services. Jet Sweat will fit for everyone, as you can choose from a big amount of services working in many directions. Fitness, boxing, pilates, yoga or whatever you want, here you may find something interesting for yourself.

boutique fitness classes

Jet Sweat offers a free trial, which lasts for one week. Monthly subscription costs 19.99$, annual subscription costs 239.99$.

boutique fitness classes prices

The registration is easy, you need to specify your name, last name, e-mail and password, nothing more.

After that you need to choose the plan and bind your credit card. Then you need to specify your age, gender, height and weight. Also you can specify how active you are, which targets you have and which types of sport you like, but unlike many other services Jet Sweat allows you to skip this process.

They also ask for information about activity and even an indication of pregnancy. After information about why we came to the studio, what is our goal. and finally, choose your favorite destination and go to your personal account.

If you don’t want to share information about you, you may just open the page “Classes” and find a class for you. You may choose the program from any studio or choose one studio and train only here.

boutique fitness classes workout plan

On the site is also a planner and an opportunity to watch your achievements and progress.

Now Jet Sweat beta tests live stream lessons, you can already join them!

On the site there’s also a feed with articles on different themes.

Now to the lesson. Everything is simple. Video, description, the name of the studio and information about the calories you’ll burn while training.

boutique fitness classes on demand

You can change speed, quality and volume.

The big downside is a struggle with cancellation of your subscription. On the iPhone it’s more or less ok, but people with android smartphones or PC need to write an email to the administration to cancel it. What a shame! The service is great and you really get boutique fitness classes here, but the troubles with cancellation spoil the whole impact.




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