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Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online Karate Lessons Online

Karate Lessons Online is an online karate learning studio for kids. They specialize only in online learning and are part of the United States America National Karate Federation. Here you can get training and get an official certificate.

In general, this school specializes specifically in teaching children, moreover, in teaching children with special needs. Particularly in teaching children with autism.

You can read about how karate helps children with autism in the blog on the site.

The lessons are organized at the sensei David. In addition to him, the school has 6 more highly qualified coaches. They have an offline school in Maryland. And here the lessons are held in the on demand format.

karate lessons online free

There are 2 subscription options for access to all lessons:
month- $9.99;
year – $87.

Moreover, there is a free course on the basics of the white belt. On the site, you can access it and start training, and then you can move on to getting higher ranks.

And by the way, the coaches themselves conduct exams to increase the rank. And they do it at no extra charge, as indicated on the site.

And the training plan and pdf-materials are available at any subscription level.
It is indicated that there is a community for students. But you can access it only after registration.

We proceed to registration. Let’s take a look at the free course. On the main page at the bottom there is information about subscriptions and a button to register for a free course. Let’s go there.

karate lessons online for beginners prices

And then we get to the registration page. It contains a description of the course and below is what we will receive in the lessons.

karate lessons online course

After filling in the data, we get to the page for logging into your account. We enter the data and here we are on the student’s home page.

This is a free program. It does not oblige you to anything and does not ask you to enter payment data during registration. And on the main page, one program is available to us – a free online program of karate lessons for beginners.

Strange, but here are all the same tabs that were on the site without logging into your account. But if you click on Programs, you will stay on the same page. and if on the registration or start button, then the site will tell you that you have already purchased a free program.

Let’s look at the program itself. It contains a list of modules for beginners, additional videos from partners, and a file with additional materials and links. There is also a link to the Facebook community. And below is a picture with ranks in karate.

karate lessons online uk

Let’s move on to the first module. And this is where the video tutorials begin. There is still a link to the community and a picture of the ranks as a reminder.

Let’s move on to the lessons themselves. In the very first, a welcome letter from Sensei David. And links to the community and accounts of the sensei himself in Instagram, YouTube, Facebook.

The video player itself looks like this. The entire list of module lessons is on the right. Below is a short description of the lesson. And a button to mark that we have passed the lesson. The button is needed to give information to the database. So that sensei can see at what level the child is and can conduct an exam for promotion.


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