Full-body work using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques


Lekfit online workout on demand

LEKFIT is a strategically curated online workout method featuring concepts designed to work the full-body using intervals of low impact, high intensity, fat burning cardio with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone

Every week you get the new videos straight from the LEKFIT Studio located in LA. You also get the info about the schedule, money on balance and missed lessons.
In my opinion, Lekfit’s main audience are women between 18 and 45 years old, but of course you can train even if you’re older or younger.
There’s also pre- and post-natal training.

Every day of week you need to train by the following programs:
1.LEKFIT BOLD – 45 minutes of cardio
2.LEKFIT HYPE – 48-60 minutes of cardio+dance
3.LEKFIT BOOST – 48-60 minutes of bootcamp style training
4. LEKFIT DEFINE – 48-60 minutes of dance
5. LEKFIT ENCORE – cardio + sculpt, 48-60 minutes
6. LEKFIT COLLIDE – 48-60 minutes of yoga

LEKFIT also has a webshop where you can buy sportgear, shoes and clothes.

So if you want to try LEKFIT you need to open the membership page at the site, choose online training and then you’ll meet the regular process of registration, with all those stuff like e-mail verification, card linking and so on. LEKFIT offers a free trial on a week, then you need to buy a subscription for a month (34,99 dollars) or for a whole year (349,99 dollars)
After that you may join the nearest training, for me it was LEKFIT BOOST at 9:30 AM (UTC+1). Every day you’ll get training in different types of exercises.

The site works without problems. You can also get all the info you need, design is good too.

Lekfit online workout fitness platform

You need to reserve your spot on the lessons in advance, as the training goes live-stream (but you can also re-watch it in the evening, if you missed the training in the morning).

LEKFIT online workout also has made an app with a modern and cool looking design in a classical black and white color scheme, such сombination is always a win-win choice.

Lekfit online workout classes

The app is in English, but you can also set it in your own language. Unfortunately not all localizations are full, sometimes you can see some words (like the names of the lessons) in English only. By the way, not a big deal, as the lessons are in English, but pay a notice.

For training you really need to get the app, as it helps you with different things, offers you more opportunities (like the library of lessons and so on).

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