Les Mills
A great studio for indoor cycling workouts at home

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Les Mills is an online and offline fitness and cycling training studio. There is a mobile application for all OS and the ability to view from TV through applications.

This studio puts a lot of emphasis on cycling. There are many different workouts with changing rhythms and postures on the bike. Yes, you can exercise in different ways on an exercise bike and use different techniques and poses.

On the studio website you can not only learn about a large number of different training techniques. But also about various studies related to training on an exercise bike.

online fitness platform

But there is also just fitness and dance training, and meditation. Moreover, there is fitness for pregnant women to get back in shape after childbirth. And a very interesting point – training for kids from 2 years old.

To find an offline studio and check if there is one in your city, we recommend that you go to the site and look. Since there are many studios around the world and they cooperate with a huge number of other studios.

The studio’s blog features articles on health, fitness, cycling, mum sports, pregnancy, baby workouts, and more.

And in 2020, USA Today named Les Mills the Best Home Workout Studio.

But they are engaged not only in fitness, but also in many areas of charity. In particular, this is Workout for Water – an annual charity training in collaboration with UNICEF to raise money for the construction of water supply systems in Ethiopia. And fitness classes for different kids. And they are also very worried about the environment and help in every way to save the planet.

The studio has 2 subscription options:
1 month – 14.95 euros;
3 months – 38 euros.

In both cases, there is a 30-day free trial.

We proceed to registration and we are immediately offered to choose our subscription plan.

And we go to the registration form.

And they don’t speak, but they also charge a fee either for verification, or as a membership fee. I don’t understand why, but they don’t come back.

So, yeah it means a membership fee. The amount of the contribution is small – 1 euro.

And this is what our home page looks like after registration. Here in the head you can find a section for finding your workout or program right away, there is a link to challenges, equipment and a store and separately for beginners.

Further there are blocks with trainings from popular programs to programs for different levels of training of members.

But let’s go down to the very end, there are interesting things there.

Start over.

Speed Dating? What? It’s not what we all thought. Or not really. In general, this is a small workout that will teach us how to move our body for flirting. It’s written right there.

Okay, next we are interested in the community. It is also said about it, there is a link here and in the head of the page. This is a Facebook group where you can chat. It may even be possible to find people from your city there and apply loveable ways to move our bodies from the first link. Or you can find friends and like-minded people for training.

Let’s move on to the workout itself. Above there is a video, according to the standard. And below, in addition to the duration, trainers and equipment, key exercises are indicated and even described how to do them.

In general, the site is very interesting. It is beautiful and definitely attracts attention, not only for its fitness, but also for its community. Because here we care about the planet and people. And a lot of interesting things. In general, Les Mills is not a simple online fitness studio, but a whole community with its own lifestyle.

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