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Master Class is a streaming platform with video lessons from various trainers and teachers. You can actually choose from more than 150 famous tutors! Quite impressive.  

So, you can choose from the various directions: 

  • food;
  • music;
  • design and style;
  • art and entertainment;
  • business;
  • sports and gaming;
  • writing;
  • science and technics;
  • house and lyfe-style;
  • community and government;;
  • wellness.

All lessons are in on demand format, so you can go back to any video at any moment.

You can learn in two formats: master classes and sessions. Master classes offer you stacks of lessons on some specific themes while sessions give you the opportunity to develop some of your skills in 30 days. 

Also if you choose to learn through sessions, Master Class will offer you textbooks, homework and so on, also there’s the community of students where people can support each other, discuss different things and exchange their opinions.

Lessons in any category cost equal. You need to pay for a subscription once a year, after that you’ll get access to all master-classes and all sessions (including the ones to-come)

There are 3 subscription plans

  • Standard. Available at 1 device at the same time. You can’t download videos. Access for 1 account only. 

Cost: 240$. 

  • Plus. Everything that isn’t included in the Standard plan. You can also get one-year free membership for your friend or relative. Available at 2 devices at the same time. 

Cost: 324$.

  • Premium. Everything that plus includes, but you can watch lessons from 6 devices at the same time.

Cost: 360$.

At Master Class site you can see the price per month but actually you need to pay for the whole year. There’s also the money back guarantee, you can get your money back in 30 days if you dislike something. 

Master Class has also live-stream classes, but as they are pre-recorded you may watch old lessons any time you want. 

Also Master Class has some sort of blog/magazine, the section called Articles. Here you may find various articles from tutors or professionals about various things related to lesson categories.

And here’s the list with latest and most popular articles. 

For registration you need to enter your e-mail and after that specify your interests.

As Master Class offers a wide variety of lessons in many categories, everyone must find something interesting for them here.



Courses themselves are wonderful. I’ve spent a lot of time with MC lessons and they are great! But there’s one problem: the app freezes all the time and it’s hard to use it, so I decided to use the site instead, and as I don’t have a PC, only my phone… Well, I hope they’ll fix all the problems with the app later.


The great experience, good narration and you can really learn a lot, but there were some troubles with connecting to my TV with Chromecast. Also the app doesn’t work well and has some glitches and flaws, like not saving your time stamp after closing. But the quality of the content really makes Master Class a great service.

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