Mayfair Pilates
Piltes with equipment in London.

Mayfair Pilates Mayfair Pilates Mayfair Pilates

Mayfair Pilates is an offline studio in London dedicated exclusively to Pilates. But not just in a group. Here, various simulators and equipment are used for training. With the help of Pilates and exercise machines, here you can work with joints, spine and various injuries. And the classes themselves are held 1:1 or 2:1 with an instructor.

The training program is developed by trainers individually for the client’s goals. Because in this studio, Pilates is not just fitness. This is a complex work on the body for its recovery, taking into account the injuries, problems and goals of the client.

Classes are held only offline. Because the studio program is designed to work with simulators and equipment. And under the guidance of a coach.

There are two training options. 1:1 with the coach. This is an individual study of all client requests under the guidance of a trainer. The workout lasts 60 minutes.

2:1 with the coach. This format allows you to come along with a friend and train together. An individual plan for working with the body is also developed, taking into account the requests, problems and injuries of both clients.

Prices. Sessions 1:1 with an instructor. All sessions are 60 minutes long.
1 session – £100;
5 sessions – £475;
10 sessions – £900;
20 sessions – £1,700.

Session 2:1 with an instructor. Also 60 minutes. Costs £80.

Сессии 1:1 с физиотерапевтом. Продолжительность 60 минут.
1 session – £130;
5 sessions – £617.50;
10 sessions – £1,170;
20 sessions – £2,210.

Session 2:1 with a physiotherapist. Also 60 minutes. Costs £96.
Registration for classes is possible through the website or by phone number on the website.

This studio is only suitable for Londoners. Since there are only private offline sessions on special equipment. But in general, the studio is very interesting and suitable for everyone who cannot do Pilates in a group or wants to work on their body deeper and more thoroughly.


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