Explore workouts from various trainers and studios, train a home or in the gym (in the USA)

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Moxie is a big service for fitness lovers. It’s not a library of on demand lessons or a platform for streams. Moxie is an агрегатор of studios or independent trainers. Here you may learn yoga, pilates, fitness, strength training, box, barre, dance and HIIT.

Trainers and studio owners register on Moxie and after that potential clients can contact them. So you may find the trainer from your town. Well, if you live in the USA of course.

Service gives users a guarantee for their payment and also check the level of each trainer.

Moxie also has its own app (available on any device), it’s some sort of social network for trainers and students. Here you can track your activity, participate in training and challenges.

You may find Moxie and their trainers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Every trainer can join Moxie, he needs to pay 25$/per month and the platform will help him in creating his personal brand and promotion.

The subscription doesn’t give you access to all the lessons, you’ll get some amount of tickets per month, you can pay for your class with this tickets. If you’re out of the ticket, you need to donate some money to pay for the workouts.

Moxie has a 14 days free trial. After that you can choose from 3 subscription plans:
19.99$ – you get 8 tickets for your free trial, 8 tickets after that and X workouts per month.
44.99$ – 12 tickets for your free trial, 20 tickets per month and 10 workouts per month.
79.99$ – 20 tickets for your free trial, 40 tickets per month and 20 workouts per month.

So, let’s watch how Moxie works.

If you use a free trial option, you will get some tickets which can be used for payment.

After the registration we see the page with classes and menu, where we can choose the format of class and training, the time of workout, your level and intensity of the class.

So, choose on demand, press the Unlock button and 2 tickets are gone. After that you may train, your class is already paid.

Аfter that you just need to press the Start button and then you can begin to train.

You can also subscribe to your favorite trainer and watch their on demand classes without restrictions. Prices differ.

It’s a good app for workouts. Maybe you need some time to appreciate the payment system with tickets, but nothing hard here. . 


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