Nike Training Club
Free app made by Nike, excellent for beginners

Nike Training Club Nike Training Club Nike Training Club Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is a free app from Nike, which helps you in training at home or in the gym. You may find here classes in yoga, cardio, strength training and HIIT.

At first the app had some free content and an opportunity to buy a premium subscription, but now you can get access to everything you need for free.

In the app you can track your activity and get awards for your achievements, for attending a specific amount of training or training at holiday.

Nike also has a separate app for people into running для бега which is called Nike Run Club, but you can unite both apps to track all your activities. You just bind NRC to NTC and everything works. If you’re an iOs user you may also add training to the schedule.

So, what about the training process itself? You can choose separate classes or you can start a program for 4-6 weeks. It’s divided by targets and your skills, some classes can be skipped. Also you can create your own training here.

What? Well, I’ll tell you. Training here is constructed from hundreds of pre-recorded exercises. So you can choose from already prepared training, or create your own. I like this feature a lot, as I often need to include some unusual elements in my regular practice.

Most of the programs are recorded by one trainer (sometimes by two different).

Well, here we just have good filmed content available for everyone. Not bad, as for me.

So, if you like to check cool looking app, if you’re interested in professional trainers and especially if you are a fan of Nike boots, you really need to download Nike Training Club and try to train here.


Taylor Jackson

checked it when i was searching for some free workouts. works well, nothing special, but if you don’t want to spend your money it’s a good choice, cheers.

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