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A wide range of fitness categories for women, men, and kids. On-demand, live broadcast, training programs and shop

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Obé Fitness is an online platform where you may train while watching on demand or live stream lessons in different types of fitness and yoga, like barre, dance, power training, pilates, meditation and many others. The main audience are the adults, but there are some special programs for kids.

Most of the users live in the USA or in Canada, and Obe is targeted mostly on them.

Before you start to pay for your subscription you may train for free for one month. As always you need to bind your card, then choose the plan which fits you the most.

fitness on demand online workouts

If you like the live stream format, you have a big variety of options, every day there are dozens of lessons, so it may be hard to choose one particular from them. Obe itself says that the best way to train is to do 3 power training and 2 cardio a week.

I also liked that users can not only train while watching the video or the stream, but also participate in various programs and challenges. Such “collection” consists of specially chosen exercises, like 36 lessons to be more fit or 15 lessons to gain muscles.

Obe also has an app for Android and iOs. Unfortunately the app for Android has many bugs and problems, you may meet the critical errors, problems with connection to TV and so on. On iOs the things are much better, but if you’re an Android user… Well, you’re in trouble.

fitness on demand online app

Obe fitness also offers different discounts, when I was working on this review there was a possibility to get the promo code for 2 months of training for 2 bucks only, sounds cool, right?

If you want to subscribe there are 3 different plans: Monthly (19 dollars a month), Quarterly (65 dollars once in a 3 months) and Annual (200 dollars a year). More expensive plans have various special offers from Obe’s partners, premium content and additional lessons.

As for me, it’s quite  useful platform for online fitness, especially if you’re looking for on demand classes.


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