Olga Chaynikova's trainings
Telegram channel with rhythmic gymnastics exercises. Private communication with the coach in English, Russian and Slovenian

Olga Chaynikova's trainings Olga Chaynikova's trainings Olga Chaynikova's trainings

Online gymnastics for kids

You may look at this service if you search for online gymnastics lessons, especially that program may be good for kids, but the adults can use the service too. The creator of this service is Olga Chainikova, she has created two gymnastic schools, trained the winners of Russian and international championships, worked with professional sportsmen and is also a president of the Junasport club (Slovenia). 

The format is unusual, after the payment you will get access to a private channel in Telegram, where a couple times a week will be posted updates with information about exercises and various tips. Also you’ll have the chat with trainer and if you’ve paid for a premium you’ll also get an opportunity to talk with Olga herself. The typical online lesson consists of warm-up, general training and then exercises leading to the elements of gymnastics.

Online gymnastics program

The site is just okayish, nothing really interesting, but you can read the reviews of other clients and leave your question to the support team. You can also contact their team via Facebook or Instagram. 

You can also get the information for your lessons not only in English, but also in Slovenian and Russian, just ask about it.

As for the prices, there are two packages.

• 15 euro/month for Advanced .
• 35 euro/month for Premium.

The only difference is that in Premium you’ll get an opportunity to get the consulation from Olga herself. I’ve also found the widget which allows you to pay 9 euro for “standard” package, but I haven’t found any info about it, probably it’s just some outdated part of the html-code of the page.

So, is Olga Chaynikova’s program worth buying? It’s hard to say. She’s a professional with a background, but I think that if you need some lessons for your kids, you’d better search for private zoom sessions or at least on demand videos, because it would be much easier for kid to understand what to do. If you’re an adult, it may be okay to work in such format.

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