Digital and in person yoga studio with meditation and breathing practices. Fall in love with design

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Open is a digital and in-person studio for breathwork, yoga, pilates and meditation. Here the main emphasis is placed on sensations and harmony with oneself and the world. Breathing practices deserve special attention, which let to relax, rest, or vice versa, fill up with energy.
The studio has been featured by Forbes, Fast Company and Goop. In particular, they talk about it as the best studio for yoga and pilates. And the best studio for psychological well-being.
The studio has a bold site design, an app for iPhone and other iOS devices. No Google Play app.

The studio has a store where you can find clothes and accessories under the Open brand.

Blog about harmony, yoga, stress and much more…

There are two studio subscription options that give you access to live stream and on-demand classes:
– month – $20;
– year – $150.
Free period is 7 days.
Let’s register:

And then you need to enter the first name, last name, email and password.

Payment details.

And finally, I am offered to download the app or go straight to the classes.

This is what the class page looks like. It is no different from the page with classes without registration. But now I can watch the video.
Here I can immediately choose what I want to do – breathing, meditation or I want to move. In the Move section, yoga and pilates classes. Also I can join the upcoming Challenge and find suitable playlists.

On the same page below you can find the schedule of live stream classes.

When choosing a lesson, a small window first opens with a description of the lesson, level, duration, teacher. Below you can find a playlist for this practice.

Window lesson looks very simple.

I can notice that the website of this studio is very unusual and atmospheric. You won’t get lost in it. And the design is very modern. As are their practices. I would not even say that this studio is about sports. But it’s not about psychology. Let’s say that this studio is about harmony and tranquility.



I wish to see the app for my smartphone too, as I’m not always at home and sometimes need to train somewhere else and I just can’t because I have an Android. Otherwise, good workouts, costs a lil’ bit more than usual but it is worth its money.

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