Paola's Body Barre
Barre for losing weight, bodysculpting, gaining strength . Also fits for pregnant.

Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre Paola's Body Barre

Paola’s Body Barre is an online and offline studio for women that implements a variety of barre trends. It uses barre in the classic style: high-intensity workouts with low-intensity exercises. Here you can find many different workouts for individual body parts or specific goals:
branded barre class for the whole body;
workouts for weight loss
Pilates Flow Floor Barre;
PPB Burn+Sculpt – barre workouts, but without a barre, only on a mat;
PPB Baby Barre – workouts for moms before and after childbirth;
PPB TRX Barre – TRX training with an emphasis on increasing strength, mobility and improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system;
PPB Sculpt – mat workouts to improve balance, technique and posture;
PPB Peach – workout for the gluteal muscles.

Studio contacts are listed on all pages. They have a Facebook community and an Instagram account.

The studio has its own store. So far, only socks with the studio logo can be found there.

And there are retreats. which are held once a year. The site lists two retreats in two different locations. In addition to the description, there is also a program for each day, prices and the opportunity to sign up for a retreat.

The studio has offline training, live stream and on demand lessons.
The live stream format takes place in Zoom. There are group trainings and private ones.

There is a separate offer for new members: 5 classes of group lessons for £30.

General price for group lessons:
1 lesson – £12;
5 lessons – £55;
10 lessons – £100;
20 lessons – £180.
Price for private lessons:
1 lesson – £95;
5 lessons – £450;
10 lessons – £850.

There are separate on demand trainings. It offers 7 days of free trial. And then you can purchase a subscription for a month for 20 pounds.

To register, you can click on the registration for training. Or start a free period on the on demand training page. This is what the registration form looks like.

After registering, we are greeted by a welcome video from Paola.

And below it there are recommendations for performing exercises to increase the effectiveness of training.

And links to videos in different types of training.

This is how the page with my selected workouts looks like.

Below we have a section with new videos in this direction. And then there is the whole gallery of videos with different workouts.

The video card contains a description of the training, the duration, level and necessary equipment for the training.

The selected video plays directly in the gallery. But there is a button to open the video in full screen.

The studio is perfect for all women for any purpose. Both for individual training and for training at home. They have a wide range of training areas. Therefore, everyone will find a barre to their liking here.




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