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Peloton online fitness yoga classes

Peloton online fitness meets us with a very dynamic, stylish and modern website and already asks if we want to register. The subscription costs 12.99 dollars a month, but you’ll also get 1 month free trial after the registration.,

On Peloton’s website you can read the reviews of other users, can subscribe to the newsletter, and also all the links on the social networks are here. Cool.

In the process of registration you’ll get the answers on questions you may have and explore anything you wanted to know about Peloton.
– you can get the access to the training from your phone, from your PC/notebook, from your tablet and from your TV
– there are both on demand videos and live streams
– the main types of lessons here are power training, yoga, cardio and meditation
– you’ll train without any additional gear (honestly it’s always nice to know BEFORE you start to train, as many services doesn’t specify that you need some gear and you may get an unwanted surprise)
– there are also special programs for people who want not only train, but also learn how the things work
– it has some sort of competition
– achievements, it’s always a nice way to motivate people!

For me the variety of motivating things was a big advantage, as different people have different inducement to train, but on Peloton you may find things which are fitting to you
– in 7 days before the end of free trial you’ll get the notification about it, so you wouldn’t lose your money
– A lil’ bit irritating thing,even if you live in Europe, you need to specify the zip code of an American city, as the one from your country just can be identified by service as wrong

After the registration you need to create your account.

Instead of thinking about your password, you can generate it automatically, then you need to fulfill some traditional lines for such services as your username, your city, your photo and your preferences in devices (TV, PC, phone). Unfortunately Peloton does not offer any tests which can help you in choosing the best program for you.

On the may page appear the programs which are on stream now or will start soon, you;ll also see the amount of people training now, it can also motivate somebody

Peloton online fitness trainers

If you scroll down, you’ll also see the types of training. I really like the whole aesthetic, all elements work really cool together.

Peloton online fitness classes for women

On demand videos can be sorted by length and by type.

Also every lesson can be added in your bookmarks. Also there’s a filter, you may choose trainer/music/length and so on.

Every video has info about the difficulty of training, user score and description.

In the bottom there’s the list of music from the video (Cool! You may train and don’t use shazam every three minutes!) Start button looks cool too!
Peloton online fitness on demand

Well, let’s talk about the videos a lil’ bit.
I don’t know why the quality was so low, probably it’s my problem (weak internet connection) but it wasn’t a pleasant surprise
.- there’s a timer, if you lacking time for training it may help you in your time-management
– you can see which users train right now together with you, it creates a nice atmosphere of the community, a really cool feature!
– you may see how many calories you’ve burned
– the scale of progress
– subtitles are available if you need them

Besides that:
– there are programs and collections to make your training more structured
– you can participate in the challenge

For some strange reason I’ve met the problem when I’ve come back on the Peloton online fitness website through my PC, the button for authorization has just disappeared. Honestly I don’t know why, but I find it hilariously strange and absurd.

Peloton also has an app for online fitness, what can I say about it?

– many users like it’s usability
– in times of quarantine free trial was extended to 90 days
– peloton explores the reviews and makes the updates based on them
– you also have the playlists here
– you may activate the censorship for trainer’s speech, as sometimes the may use an obscene lexicon
– the app for smart TV lacks some functional in comparison with the app for smartphones



I. Kazinskiy

Great amount of workouts, but IMO it can be much more classes for beginners, as most of the workouts are targeted on people with experience. Also would love to see the proper autoplay here.


Wow! I thought that it would be hard to push myself into fitness, but Peloton really helped. Love everything about this service. There’s a great variety of classes, if you don’t have a proper mood for your regular activities you may choose something else, the overall quality is impressive. The community is super warm too, so anyone should check Peloton!

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