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physique 57 fitness studio for women new york city

Physique 57 is an international fitness and media company which provides in-studio and on demand online barre classes for women. The company was founded by former Wall Street professional, Jennifer Vaughan Maanavi, and wellness expert, Tanya Becker.

If you live in New York City, you can visit their in-person classes and train in the studio. Every new client gets an intro offer and can book 3 classes for 45 dollars only, but you need to visit them in 21 days. I think it’s a nice way to decide if you like the fitness classes or not. As for the pricing or in-studio workouts, you need to pay 40 dollars per class or 190 bucks for 5 classes. You can also get your membership and pay a fixed amount of money for classes per month ($150 for 4 classes, $295 for 8 classes, $395 for 12 classes) or get you annual membership ($130/month for 4 classes, $240/month for 8 classes, $350/month for 12 classes).

The other option for women looking for barre classes is an opportunity to book live stream classes, which are held from the real Physique 57 studio. You can also book 3 barre classes for 45 dollars as an intro offer, after that you may pay $23 bucks for one class, $185 for 10 classes or $45.99 per week for unlimited acces to live stream barre classes.

So, yeah, if you are a resident of NYC or a fan of live streams, you may try in-studio fitness workouts and their live translations. But what if you’re looking for on demand online barre classes? Well, Physique 57 has an offer for you too.

On demand Physique 57 fitness classes have a different website with a cool design. I mean, really, it’s even better than the site of in-studio fitness workouts! From the main page you may learn that Physique 57 was mentioned by such famous media as Cosmopolitan, Bazaar, Vogue and Popsugar. The platform offers more than 350 on demand fitness classes for women with various backgrounds. There are video workouts for beginners, lessons for professionals, brief and lengthy videos.

As usual you can get a free trial for 7 days if you bind your bank card to your account. There are two plans here: $24.99 for a month of acces to on demand workouts or $249.99 for a year of acces.

physique 57 fitness classes on demand for women video workout

Physique 57 online barre classes are available on different platforms, from web version and mobile apps to varioys types of Smart TV.


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