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Pilates PT is a Pilates training program created by Holly Grant. Trainings are conducted by instructors who are qualified as Reformer & Mat Pilates and PT. Holly Grant hosted The PT Pilates Method. This method is an innovative, results-driven workout that combines high-intensity interval training, body-shaping Pilates, and metabolic-boosting strength training. This program is for women only and may be of particular interest to women before or after childbirth. There are two types of training sessions – in the Fulham studio and online training. Online training takes place 6 times a week live with founder Holly Grant. Types of classes you can enroll in:
• Dynamic Mat Pilates
• The Pilates PT Method®
• Prenatal Pilates
• Postnatal Pilates

In the app, you can issue a 7-day free trial. After that, you will need to subscribe with the following tariffs:
• $35 per month
• $12 per class

Then you need to go to the site or application on your mobile device and register a new account, link a bank card and subscribe.
Or you can download an application with the same name on Android or iOs and link the card, and after registration, a tab will appear where you can sign up for a lesson.

The site is designed in warm colors, the font is easy to read, there are no distracting objects. The site is quite informative and systematized. The site consists of 6 tabs:
• Fulham Studio – Information about the studio, where clients can work individually with a trainer, when purchasing a membership.
• Train at Home – information about individual training, online courses and the Pilates method.
• The Bump Plan – Pregnancy
• The Bump Plan – Postnatal
• Resources – information about Pilates, a podcast about women
Contact Us – links to social networks, and a form to send a message

Video workouts can only be watched in the application, the site allows you to create a new account, select the type of subscription and link the card. The site provides social networks, contacts and answers to frequently asked questions. The site is quite convenient and easy to use. There are reviews from users.

The design of the application is made in a modern style, as well as the design of the site. The site can be downloaded on both Android and iPhone. The APP Store has information that the last update of the application was the last time 5 months ago. The application has 12 tabs.

In the first tab, called Virtual classes, you can see the schedule of the lessons that the user has signed up for.

In the Appoinments tab, here you can watch the video broadcast again
for training

The application has a Buy tab where you can purchase courses for $12/subscribe for $36.

In addition, there is every opportunity to contact the organization itself in the Contacts tab.

In the Settings tab, the user can change the language of use, you can set a reminder an hour / 15 minutes before the lesson. There is a FAQ.

Despite all the above advantages, using the application can be difficult, because the interface may not be immediately clear to the user, but the service is still a good option for home workouts.



I really love that Pilates PT gives you not only on demand workouts, but also live streams which are my favorite format of online training! Started to use it during my pregnancy and still train here, awesome!

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