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Short offline fitness training in Australia and New Zealand

Plus Fitness Plus Fitness Plus Fitness Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness is a network of online and offline fitness, yoga, pilates and boxing studios in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. The peculiarity of these fitness clubs is that they conduct workouts of different intensity, but always the same time – 30 minutes.

They have classes as offline in the hall in small groups. So is on demand. In total, the studio has 16 different styles of training from yoga to high-intensity cardio workouts.

The studio also has its own application for smartphones. This application not only allows you to track your activity like a fitness tracker, but also provides access to various workout videos for its members.

plus fitness online on demand

Plus Fitness membership and access to online on demand workouts can be obtained for $9.95 per week.

It will only be needed for those who are in the above regions. Since the training program here is implemented in such a way that it is completely tied to gyms. You can purchase a membership and either attend classes at the gym or train on your own at any time by appointment. Membership comes with a personal trainer. And the workouts are available on the app.

But for those who are in other regions, there is an Online Classes section. It is open on the site and anyone can access it. There are 50 workouts in this section. They are freely available without registration. You can just go to the site and start watching.

These workouts include yoga, pilates, boxing, fitness, bar, cardio, and high-intensity workouts.

plus fitness online video workouts

Just click on the video and watch it!

plus fitness online trainers

It’s a good way to train for those who can’t join this studio right now. And for those who just want to try their workouts.

A 30-minute workout at a modern pace can be a real salvation for those who constantly do not have time anywhere. And a large number of open access workouts will be a nice bonus.

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